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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Kaye

After more than two decades spent working with some of the music industry’s most accomplished talents, Dave King is poised to return with his own musical endeavor, The Heavy Dream.

Throughout his career as musician and producer, King has contributed to the success of many musical acts; both at home in Canada and abroad. His CV is extensive, having worked with Grammy, Juno and Genie award winning musicians. He has credits in television and film, as well as production credits for countless artists, including Dave Rave and Juno award winners Steve Strongman and Tomi Swick. More recently, touring with Strongman has taken King around the world to festivals in Europe, Mexico and the United States.

In 2011, King debuted The Heavy Dream with the album Under The Golden Sun. Mostly a solo effort, was joined by like-minded musicians and friends, including Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense) and Paul Linklater (The Pinecones, Colleen and Paul). Working mainly out of his own Barn Window Studio in Caistor Centre, Ontario King created music that reflects both lifelong influences and contemporary favourites.

In 2013, King once again teamed up with Paul Linklater, this time to try writing together, taking their time and working on songs with no definite plans for a project. “It was basically the desire to write some new songs and work with friends,” King explains. “The main difference was I wanted to co-write and Paul has a very different writing approach. He is very irreverent. He would just throw stuff out there instead of deliberating over phrases, something I am more likely to do. His input was fantastic.” Paul and King wrote eleven songs together over eleven different sessions. They all appear on the record, along with a collaboration with Steve Strongman and one song King wrote himself.

“After the last album, Pat Sansone and I had talked about working on a new project,” explains King. “He got on board with this album a lot earlier in the process. Pat was in on this right from the beginning. On Under The Golden Sun I had a lot of (the record) completed on my own but then wanted to have others help me augment it. Pat was very interested in doing that, but it was tough time-wise then, as Wilco was busy working on a new album.”

“My idea was to get outside of my usual routine and bring in outside influence to make it more like a group effort. Hold is much more of a band effort.” Along with Linklater and Sansone, the album also features musical contributions from The Autumn Defense’s James Haggerty, while the record was mixed by Joshua Shapera (Michael Jackson, John Martyn, R. Kelly), Sansone and King.

A lot of tender loving care went into the writing and recording of this album, which was completed in Caistor Centre and Toronto Ontario, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee and London, England. “We ended our journey in London where we mastered the finished mixes with the lovely and talented Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios.“ Magee is well known for his work on the recent Beatles and Rush stereo vinyl remasters.

Before leaving England, they headed up to Liverpool where Pat Sansone snapped a photo that is the cover of the album: the ceiling at the infamous Casbah Coffee Club, the "true" birthplace of the Beatles. “This painting was done by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Rory and Pete Best,” explains King. “Big thank you to Roag Best who was kind enough to give us permission to use the photo and the fate of our album cover artwork was decided.”